Ecommerce market share in the United Kingdom worth €153 billion

Ecommerce in the United Kingdom worth 153 billion euros or 133 billion pounds during year 2016. This means that there was 16 percent growth of the industry compared to previous, 2015 year. For comparison, when consumers spent 132 billion euros online with English retailers. This growth was partly due to an increased popularity of mobile mcommerce.


Ecommerce growth 2016

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Hire an Employee or Contractor?

Independent contractors and employees are not the same. It's important to well understand the difference for successfully operating your business. From the legal perspective it is important to understand the difference to to avoid distasteful legal caveats.

How Employees and Independent Contractors differ?

An Employee:

  • Performs duties given by business owner 
  • Is given work to be done
  • Works solely for single employer
  • Does not have it's own working place and working tools

An Independent Contractor:

  • May bear risks as operates under agreement
  • Works under own business name
  • Controls own employees
  • Has US-based business checking account
  • Invoices for work completed
  • Has portfolio with more than one customer
  • Has own working too  
  • Keeps it's business records

Many successfull businesses rely on independent contractors for their hiring needs. There are many benefits to using contractors over hiring employees:

  • Savings in labor costs
  • Reduced business owner's liability
  • Flexibility in hiring and firing
  • Shifting the risks to contractors

Source: US Small Business Admistration

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New RFID Visitor Tracking Technologies at Sports, Art, and Music Events

IQ Direct RFID TicketsWhether you are a football or music fan, those unique feelings of a unity which you can experience when people gather together to look at magnificent show on the big arena are familiar to you, for sure.

Nevertheless, the jammed stands and tens of thousands of the viewers at stadium can become one of the worst experiences, especially if you have to wait in huge line on an entrance or in attempt to buy drinks when you have already got inside. At the same time not only the audience suffer. The companies operating stadiums also face problems, for example, when it is necessary to deal with cash, to operate flows of people and to resist to hooligans.

RFID, mobile applications and intellectual platforms for carrying out events provide the best experience for the audience who come to arenas.

But it isn't a must at all that everything will develop according to the worst scenario. With the competent choice of technology it is possible to achieve substantial increase of safety, to increase revenue at the event and to receive the best understanding of needs of visitors, at the same time the long waiting lines will remain in the past. The RFID technology solutions presented by IQ Direct Inc, mobile applications and intelligent tools for carrying out events  include:

  • support of named tickets and technology of access control;
  • support both online of payments, and offline payments;
  • applications for cashier operators;
  • media coverage for best user experience;
  • data collection in real time and their analysis;
  • mobile marketing;
  • and many other things, at the same time the new functions and opportunities are constantly developed and added.
Intellectual subscription

An opportunity to intellectually register all bearers of subscription tickets in the schedule would be useful both to organizers and to fans. Such feature allows to get rid of considerable part of long waiting lines, to give a better understanding about attendance, to increase speed of service, and also to have a branding opportunity. For example, giving out the discounts for certain sellers or carrying out promotional events.

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3 Common Mistakes About IT Startups And How To Avoid Them

IT specialists

IT technologies now spread into all spheres of our life, from everyday work to public finances.

Often we have distortion of reality in management of IT projects, which can lead to failures. Here we will try to name some common mistakes about IT startups which people usually make when beginning to invest their time and money.


1. Too shallow classification. The first mistake comes from the name or definition of the project in question itself: often any project with participation of the IT developers gets the status of IT project.

For example if one needs to create a portal about management of finance or you develop service on the basis of open data, with a high probability your team will be called IT specialists, and the project will be accounted as information technologies project.

Thus the wrong name of the ship often brings it into shallow water and doesn't allow to make a sail to big open ocean of opportunities. Because  in a narrow sense the IT project means accurately planned and documented technical work.

Ask yourself: whether the real the purpose of your project is limited to develop the software, build the site and run it on the selected  hardware? Or these tasks are important and statutory, but are parts of something bigger?

For example, the goal is not only to create the software, but thanks to given software to reduce corruption level in your city or to cut down transport expenses.

It is very important to  identify yourself correctly on a stage of initiation of the project.

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Desktop of our engineer

Here is the desktop of our engineer. As you can see, everything needed for design and prototyping is there: computer, digital multi-channel oscilloscope, soldering station, fumes extractor. Also note the nice warm LED lights and green anti-static bracelet :)


Engineer Desktop



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Assembly workroom

We have recenly built a new room for our assembling staff. You can see our ventilation system. We solder a lot, so ventilation system is a must.

PCB Assembly Room


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