Sikorsky Aircraft Will Produce Six Helicopters for US President worth of $542 Million


On June 10, 2019, the US Marine Forces has finally awarded Sikorsky Aircraft company with a contract worth of $542 million to make the production of six brand new VH-92A helicopters. New aircrafts will be the part of US presidential helicopter air fleet. Sikorsky Aircraft will supply spare parts and supporting equipment for the helicopters.

The new VH-92A helicopter will eventually replace the VH-3D and VH-60N that have been on duty by military forces for more than forty years before today. The new design of the aircrafts not only increases the possible payload, but also improves maintainability, availability and electronic communications. At the time of preparation for production, the flight test time of the VH-92A exceeded 520 hours, including the operation on the South Lawn of the White House in September 2018. The 92A is based on the S-92 aircraft. As of April 2019, the aircraft had accumulated more than 1.5 million hours of flight, with an average of 14,600 hours per month.

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How to Become a Software Engineer?


The first step is university degree or other forms of online education in the field, which means interaction between student tutors and online learning platforms such as Udacity, Udemy, Pluralsight, Coursera, edX, etc. In the learning process, it is important to understand the concepts of programming languages, native platforms, add-on services, software development environments, and tools that can further advance our work. Thousands of Playboys will build a very important skill for us - solve the problem!

After the initial setup, time is an exercise. There are many companies and startups that can provide you with the opportunity to learn, develop and become better and better in your business. This means being more serious than teachers and more challenging than ever. The most important thing is to stay lasting and consistent.

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IQ Direct Inc is One of the Best Software Developers in Poland


GoodFirms gives attention to IQ Direct, one of the best software developers of Poland by ranking the firm among the top software development companies in Poland.

About IQ Direct

Conceptualized in 2012, IQ Direct Inc, today has offices in Poland and the United States. Capturing small and medium businesses for providing complex outsourcing development services in the fields of business automation, development, and implementation of electronic devices, IQ Direct excels beyond words. They have famously built several electric appliances of diverse complexity. Their team of experts is a certified specialist team in the realms of analog and digital circuits engineering. Also, they develop custom software projects. The team of IQ Direct consists of twelve members They have served their customers with a large number of different projects for years.

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IQ Direct is recognized as a Top IoT Development company in 2019

Best IoT development services of 2019

IQ Direct is an IoT development company that has proved its worth by delivering upscale software solutions to clients across the globe.

Extensive experience in delivering full-cycle IoT development services along with deep technology expertise enabled the company to hit the lists of the leading custom software development firms according to prominent online analytics hubs.

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Using AI to Fight Malware

ai to fight malware

Technology companies are increasing security software capabilities to more effectively respond to the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML are at the heart of these efforts because they detect advanced and previously unknown malware faster than traditional antivirus solutions.

In February 2018, thousands of users were infected with the malware in USA, because a breach in existing antivirus software. Traditional security solutions are no longer a viable option, and adopting AI and ML-based solutions faster will only guarantee against persistent and awkward cyber attacks.

Microsoft was immediately alerted through cloud-based AV software. Available by default on all Windows 10 PCs, the software scans files using a lightweight machine learning (ML) model built into the client's system and finds the file suspicious.

The file is then sent to the antivirus cloud service, where the metadata-based ML classifier immediately identifies and blocks the file, while the deep learning ML model identifies the file as a variant of Trojan:Win32/Emotet, which is widely used, bank spying malware.

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What’s about Sign In With Apple Feature?


Apple announced at it’s 2019’s World Developers Conference (WWDC) this week that "Sign In with Apple" feature  will become a mandatory update for all Apple developers.

The timing of this announcement is perfect. First of all, privacy is currently a hot topic that everybody is interested in. Apple is committed to improving security with new login features. Some of Apple's competitors with similar capabilities may track Internet users without their knowledge. Apple claims it will not do this. Apple’s security mechanism will use your Apple ID to log in to various online services. Not only does this keep your data safe, it also limits the amount of scam and spam you receive.

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McKinsey Repost Says that Large Bank Institutions Delay with Blockchain Implementation


Large financial companies like banks and insurance companies are in no hurry to adopt blockchain technology despite an enormous potential, states the report of a major consulting company McKinsey. Earlier, McKinsey said that the progress in blockchain software developments is negligent despite massive investment flows.

Today many governments, large investment banks and suppliers of software solutions continue experimenting with blockchain systems thinking of reducing the costs, improve speed and transparency of the transactions in broad variety of the economy, including the financial realm.

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Business Owners Demand Faster Software Delivery

Business owners are losing patience on software projects. They see and feel that competitors are advancing their business. They are pushing on their IT departments harder, pressing for more and faster delivery of software that will keep their companies in the digital race. They like what IT is delivering, but the challenge for IT managers is to keep up with the speed of software delivery with as few bugs as possible.

software development speed

The latest survey of 310 IT executives, conducted by Forrester Consulting in partnership with Eggplant, finds that the majority of enterprise leaders, namely 70%, name the functional outcomes and software added value created by the software delivered as "good" or "excellent," . However, close to half feel things aren't just being delivered fast enough for their business. 46% of the respondents named the speed of testing as "average", "fair", or "poor", and 41% say the same about the speed of their overall custom application development. More than a third of all executives (36%) also rated the quality of code in development for testing as "average" or even worse.

But overall, C-suite executives are happy with the applications and solutions that come out of the pipeline. However, they are worried for the faster delivery of these apps.

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Apple's WWDC keynote was pointed towards software developers

Apple WWDC

Analysts making quick assumptions on diverse reactions to Apple's WWDC 2019 key points, but in general they agree that the California Software and hardware company puts a focus on unique software upgrades and helping out Apple app developers.

Apple's emphasis was on "further extending its competitive differentiation over other consumer device OEMs with an emphasis on its software leadership," claimed JPMorgan's expert Samik Chatterjee. The software analyst highlighted privacy features in iOS 13 such as "Sign in With Apple," feature and the creation of brand new operating system for iPad, called iPadOS, shifting away from giving iPads "second hand features of the iPhone.". The latter news is a shocking one for developers.

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Software Developers are Interested In Blockchain, Says Survey

blockchain technology survey

How much progress can be accomplished with blockchain technology? Software development professionals, like IQ Direct, overall, are optimistic about blockchain technologies. A majority of them around 55%, say there are potential applications for blockchain beyond its cryptocurrency roots.

55% is not taken from nowhere, but it is the number from the latest Stack Overflow survey, covering 88,883 developers internationally-- one of the largest, if not the largest developer community in the world. When asked what they primarily believe about blockchain technology, 29% agreed that blockchain technology could be "useful across many domains and could change many aspects of our lives."  Another 26% stated it as "useful for immutable record keeping outside of currency." Only 17% saw it as a passing fad, and 16% say it is "an irresponsible use of resources." 

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