How RFID Works?


Long lines at the grocery store - one of the biggest complaints of those who visit the store. Soon, these queues may disappear when the universal product barcode (UPC) will be replaced by smart tags, also called radio frequency ideRFID Tagntification (RFID) tags. RFID tags are smart barcodes that can interoperate with a networked system to keep track of each product you put in your grocery cart.

Imagine you go to the grocery store, fill your cart and go right off the door. You no longer have to wait because the cashier punches every purchase from your cart one at a time. Instead, RFID tags will be read by electronic readers that detect every purchase in the cart and punch every purchase immediately. The reader will be connected to a large network that will send information about your products to the manufacturers of the products and the retailer. Your bank will be notified and the check amount will be withdrawn from your account. No queues, no waiting.


RFID tags, once used only to track cattle movements, are now monitoring consumer products worldwide. Many manufacturers use RFID tags to track the movement of every product they make from the time they are manufactured and until it is taken from the shelf and is thrown into a shopping cart.

Outside the retail industry, RFID tags monitor transport, airline passengers, Alzheimer's patients and pets. Soon, they may even watch your preference for short or creamy peanut butter. Some critics say that RFID technology is becoming too much of our lives — that is, we may not even be aware of all the parts of our lives that this technology affects.

In this article, you will learn about the types of RFID tags, and how these tags can be traced through the entire supply chain. We also look at the non-commercial use of RFID tags and how state departments and the state security system use them.

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Shipping of GoScribe Machines to United Arab Emirates

Today we have completed the shipment of three brand new GoScribe Machines to United Arab Emirates. Comparing to previous the previous version, it has higher motor load capacity, 

IMG 3089

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2019 Opens With New Controllers for Preservatech

Today we have completed the first large order for the Preservatech company this year. A batch of customized industrial controllers designed by the company's technical requirements has been prepared for shipment.

The controllers are made in a full metal case, with convenient fastenings on the door of the electrical cabinet, and painted in matt black - traditional for the equipment of the Preservatech.

A special feature of controller is a full-color 10 inch screen with a touch digitizer on which the main components of the system and their parameters are displayed in an informative graphic form. The X9F controller has an on-board Wi-Fi chip for communication with a remote server, an RS485 modbus line for controlling communication of slave devices, a set of relay outputs, digital and analog inputs, as well as inputs for connecting temperature and humidity sensors.

Without going into the details of the controller's operation, protected by the Customer’s copyright, one can only state that the device has sufficient functionality to perform both a standard program and the possibility of a wide custom configuration in the case of special and non-standard customer requirements. This allows to build a variety of control systems on its base.

We express special thanks to our regular customer for an interesting project.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is the time to touch every heart with love and care. Christmas is the time to receive and send blessings. It is the time to breathe the peace in the air. Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for staying with us and empowering our passion to make great products!


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IQ Direct Featured on Top Internet of Things Companies on Clutch!

IoT Developers 2018IQ Direct Inc, performs complex outsourcing development services for small and medium business in the fields of business automation, development and implementation of electronic devices and applications. As a team of certified specialists in the fields of analog and digital circuits engineering. We also implemented custom software projects. Our fields of expertise include electrical engineering, electronic design outsourcing, custom software development outsourcing, embedded, firmware development, mobile development, product development, contract manufacturing. We use programming technologies like C, C++, C#. Develop for Web, Desktop, Android, iOS.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, we’re really excited to have been included in the directory of Top Internet of Things Companies on, the renowned research, ratings and reviews platform for technology development, marketing, design, digital and related business services agencies. Clutch is different from other B2B platforms out there because of its proprietary research methodology combined with analyst-conducted, full-length, verified reviews or case studies on the B2B collaborations the featured companies have previously worked on. In this way, the directories highlight agencies from all over the world sorted by category/service that are a best fit for their users or potential clients searching for new B2B partners.

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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day USA 2018

We wish all our US customers a Happy Independence Day! Wish you joyful holidays, good health to your families, good luck in your business, the realization of most bold dreams!

IQ Direct Team

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Introduction to Augmented Reality

augmented realityThe primary idea beyond augmented reality is to superimpose pics, audio and other sensory improvements over a real-international environment in real time. Sounds quite easy. besides, have not tv networks been doing that with photographs for decades? but, augmented reality is more superior than any technology you've seen in television broadcasts, despite the fact that some new tv effects come near, including RACEf/x and the wonderful-imposed first down line on televised U.S. football games, both created via Sportvision. but these structures display snap shots for most effective one point of view. next-generation augmented-reality systems will show images for each viewer's perspective.

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Using Machine Learning for Text Processing in Natural Languages

machine learning

Today we will touch an interesting topic of machine learning of natural languages. Nowadays very large investmenst are made in this region and many different tasks are being solved. This topic attracts the attention not only of industry, but also of the scientific community.

Can the machine think?

Researchers correlate the analysis of natural languages ​​with the fundamental question: can a machine think? The famous philosopher Rene Descartes gave a unambiguously negative answer. Not surprising, given the level of development of technology of the XVII century. Descartes believed that the machine does not know how and will never learn to think. The machine will never be able to communicate with a person through natural speech. Even if we explain to it how to use and pronounce words, it will still be memorized phrases, standard answers - the machine does not go beyond them.

Turing test

Since then, many years have passed, the technology has changed quite a lot, and in the twentieth century this issue again became relevant. The well-known scientist Alan Turing in 1950 doubted that the machine can not think, and for testing offered his famous test.

The idea of ​​the test, according to legend, is based on the game that was practiced at student parties. Two people from the company - a guy and a girl - went to different rooms, and the remaining people communicated with them with the help of notes. The task of the players was to guess with whom they are dealing: with a man or with a woman. And the guy with the girl pretended to each other to mislead the other players. Turing made a fairly simple modification. He replaced one of the hidden players with a computer and invited the participants to recognize with whom they interact: with a person or with a machine.

The Turing test was invented more than half a century ago. Programmers have repeatedly stated that their offspring passed the test. Every time there were controversial demands and questions, is it really so. The official reliable version, whether someone coped with the main test of Turing is no. Some of its variations have actually been successfully passed.

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Blockchain Technology Signify the Beginning of Internet of Value Era

Blockchain development by IQ DIRECT INCThis technology was vigorously discussed at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. Bankers from Wall Street invest money in it. Mark Andreesen, the famous developer of the world's first Web browser (Netscape) and one of the founders of Netscape Communications, called it the most important technology since the advent of the Internet. What is it about? Of course, about the blockchain.

Created by a mysterious hacker named Satoshi Nakamoto, distributed register technology, which is the basis of the crypto currency, Bitcoin, also known as a blockchain, can drastically change many industries, from finance and real estate to the entertainment industry. This forces the Silicon Valley titans, world financial leaders and even independent developers to hastily calculate the consequences of the appearance of this technology, so as not to be caught unaware.

Tim Swanson, the head of R3's development department (a New York start-up, organized with the support of a consortium of large banks), called the blockchain something like glutene: everybody talks about it, but no one really knows all the details. Quite simply, the blockchain is used to transfer something that has value: money, shares, property rights, digital license fees, even the votes of voters in the elections through the Internet from one party to another...

We offer blockchain development solutions for any kind of buisness: online payments, financial software, royalty collection.

Today, such transactions often pass through many intermediate parties in the process of authorization, clearing and processing, and are stored in centralized registries of organizations such as the Central Bank (if it comes to financial transactions) or the system of electronic registration of mortgage transactions.

Blockchain distributes the functions of validation and storing the transactions between several computers in a safe and open way, eliminating the need for intermediaries. As a result, the time and costs of processing transactions are practically reduced to zero. Alex Tapscott, CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures (specializing in block chains), sees this technology as the next generation of the Internet, which he calls the Internet of Value.

Since both the original technology of block chains for bitcoins and its new variations, according to Tepskott, have the most powerful potential for transforming huge branches of the economy, the first attempts to develop solutions based on blockchain were made in two areas: in financial services and in creativity, namely music and advertising.

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