Wood Drying Automatics

Trees contain a considerable amount of water. Most of this water must be evaporated before the lumber obtained from a tree can be converted into consumer products. The lumber from which most wood products are manufactured must be dried. 

Our company has been a leading manufacturer of lumber drying automatics for 20 years. Based on proven quality work standards, together with advanced solutions in the field of electronics and automation, our company develops word-class quality specialized solutions for lumber drying business.

WUDS4 is a fully automated control system for lumber drying kiln with payload volume from 5 to 30 cubic meters. Allows to conduct lumber drying process promptly and qualitative. Automates the process of drying, does not require the operator intervention. We have developed and implemented unique methods of drying wood. Based on 20 years of experience as well as fundamental scientific knowledge in the field of wood drying, we have developed WUDS4, an energy-efficient system for automated drying of any kind of wood.

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Eugene DziubaHead of Department