2019 Opens With New Controllers for Preservatech

Today we have completed the first large order for the Preservatech company this year. A batch of customized industrial controllers designed by the company's technical requirements has been prepared for shipment.

The controllers are made in a full metal case, with convenient fastenings on the door of the electrical cabinet, and painted in matt black - traditional for the equipment of the Preservatech.

A special feature of controller is a full-color 10 inch screen with a touch digitizer on which the main components of the system and their parameters are displayed in an informative graphic form. The X9F controller has an on-board Wi-Fi chip for communication with a remote server, an RS485 modbus line for controlling communication of slave devices, a set of relay outputs, digital and analog inputs, as well as inputs for connecting temperature and humidity sensors.

Without going into the details of the controller's operation, protected by the Customer’s copyright, one can only state that the device has sufficient functionality to perform both a standard program and the possibility of a wide custom configuration in the case of special and non-standard customer requirements. This allows to build a variety of control systems on its base.

We express special thanks to our regular customer for an interesting project.