IQ Direct Inc is One of the Best Software Developers in Poland


GoodFirms gives attention to IQ Direct, one of the best software developers of Poland by ranking the firm among the top software development companies in Poland.

About IQ Direct

Conceptualized in 2012, IQ Direct Inc, today has offices in Poland and the United States. Capturing small and medium businesses for providing complex outsourcing development services in the fields of business automation, development, and implementation of electronic devices, IQ Direct excels beyond words. They have famously built several electric appliances of diverse complexity. Their team of experts is a certified specialist team in the realms of analog and digital circuits engineering. Also, they develop custom software projects. The team of IQ Direct consists of twelve members They have served their customers with a large number of different projects for years.

Fields of expertise of IQ Direct

● Electrical Engineering

● Electronic design outsourcing

● Custom software development outsourcing

● Embedded, firmware development

● Mobile development

● Product development

The firm has catered to valuable customers from California, New York, Georgia, Canada, Poland who have contributed to IQ Direct’s rapid growth. Some of their reputed clients include Preservatech Inc., MyShoeSpot Inc, GoTags, and Global Plasma Solutions.

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Analysis of services of IQ Direct

Software Development Services

With a huge experience in offering custom software outsourcing services to their clients, they are capable of building multiple kinds of web, embedded, desktop, mobile, and server applications. Most of the modern gadgets that they have built are made in a microprocessor or microcontroller. They have programmed microcontrollers with AVR, ARM, RISC architectures.

Moreover, they have also programmed custom Windows and Linux software using C, C++, C#, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Magento, Laravel, Device drivers, and have also successfully offered other solutions. Such of its specialties lead the firm among the top software development companies in Poland.

IoT Development Services

If you are searching for a company that builds projects into the Internet of Things (IoT), IQ Direct is the best place to stop. They have a huge experience in the construction of data by gathering and have built remote control systems for both industrial and home automation utility.

A client reviews the services of the firm.


Even, research done by GoodFirms applauds its services with high scores.


Such raving reviews, research outcomes and other qualities direct IQ Direct among the best IoT companies globally.

Android App Development Services

In a short duration of time, IQ direct has become well known for converting ideas into products. Valuing the time of their customers, they understand that in the advanced society, it is crucial to bring the product on time to market. Their company thus offers clients all spectrum of outsourcing development services including mobile app development services. :With its quality of services, researchers of GoodFirms even expect that the company will soon be enlisted among the top Android app development companies on their platform.

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