What’s about Sign In With Apple Feature?


Apple announced at it’s 2019’s World Developers Conference (WWDC) this week that "Sign In with Apple" feature  will become a mandatory update for all Apple developers.

The timing of this announcement is perfect. First of all, privacy is currently a hot topic that everybody is interested in. Apple is committed to improving security with new login features. Some of Apple's competitors with similar capabilities may track Internet users without their knowledge. Apple claims it will not do this. Apple’s security mechanism will use your Apple ID to log in to various online services. Not only does this keep your data safe, it also limits the amount of scam and spam you receive.

How does “Log in with Apple” work?

Using Apple Sign-In will use your Apple ID as your credentials to log in to websites and applications. This means that the service you are logged into does not even know your email address.

With a compatible app, you can choose to click on Apple logo to sign in or enter your email if you choose to do so. It will use your iOS device to verify your credentials instead of asking for your personal data or social network account login.

You can choose to completely hide your email address and have Apple create a random, unique email for each app you want to use. You can choose to share your real email or virtual email.

The app or website will receive a placeholder email and any email will be forwarded to your real email address, so your identity is protected. Essentially, Apple lets you control what you want to share with third-party services.

How to use the Sign In with Apple?

At this time, it is confirmed that you need at least an Apple ID to log in. The WWDC announcement also confirmed that the application is compatible with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and iPad.

However, it is still in its early stages and Apple will release more information about this feature at the appropriate time. The rumored release date is around September 2019.

Why is it better than Google and Facebook?

The actual login button looks the same, but it is not. Apple claims that their login features will be easier to use; as mentioned above, it's more secure.

Apple's login also gives you more control over the permissions that applications and websites can access, and protects your information - emails, names, birthdays, hometowns, etc. - from data theft vultures.

You may not be worried about the details that fall into the wrong hands and think it is useless in face value. Yes, it may be true in some cases.

But take a moment to think about all the security issues you set for your banking details. You may choose a security question about your hometown, nickname or pet name.