Software Developers are Interested In Blockchain, Says Survey

blockchain technology survey

How much progress can be accomplished with blockchain technology? Software development professionals, like IQ Direct, overall, are optimistic about blockchain technologies. A majority of them around 55%, say there are potential applications for blockchain beyond its cryptocurrency roots.

55% is not taken from nowhere, but it is the number from the latest Stack Overflow survey, covering 88,883 developers internationally-- one of the largest, if not the largest developer community in the world. When asked what they primarily believe about blockchain technology, 29% agreed that blockchain technology could be "useful across many domains and could change many aspects of our lives."  Another 26% stated it as "useful for immutable record keeping outside of currency." Only 17% saw it as a passing fad, and 16% say it is "an irresponsible use of resources." 

However, the survey's authors caution, "this optimism is largely concentrated among young, less experienced developers. The more experienced a respondent is, the more likely they are to say blockchain technology is an irresponsible use of resources."

Only 13% state they are working with the technology on current projects.

The Top platforms the developers use are Linux with 53% and Windows with 51%. Most loved languages across developers, are Rust - 84%, Python - 73%, and TypeScript   73%.

Containerization technology is more popular, but also isn't seeing widespread adoption, the Open Stack survey shows. A total of 38% are using containers like Docket in their everyday development work, and 26% run containers in production mode. 46% still don't use containers at all.

Software developers use open source a lot. 90% of developers say they love open source software. 42% say open source is, on average, of higher quality than closed-source software.

If you ask developers what interferes the most with their productivity, a "distracting work environment" and meetings are the two things that hold things up the most. (Actually, distractions and meetings could be one in the same, right?) The survey finds that 42% if developers find distracting work to be the most annoying, followed by 37% citing meetings. Another 37% say their workdays get bogged down my non-development work.