Telegram Blockchain project Reaches Beta Dev Stage, Insider Information

Q Direct Blockchain development solutions

Recently, at IQ Direct, we’ve noticed that Button team published a twitter post which explains how the recently launched Wallet for Telegram’s new blockchain, Telegram Open Network (TON) works. Telegram is a secure piece of software, developed by Russian developer, with almost two billion dollars raised in funding. If its tokens retain near their initial value, Telegram is likely to debut near the top of the market capitalization rankings. According to Button Wallet, Blockchain does a tremendous job in custom software development. Furthermore, Telegram Open Network is planning to count transactions between the users using sharding. Shard is a blockchain development term, that means connection with other shard and shardchains which can interconnect with each other via Hypercube routing. TON will have a masterchain and shardchain as a siginficant part of it’s network. To give its users a fast experience, Telegram plans of using shardchain for its three hundred million users.

In TON, there are mainly four roles of every node: Validators, collectors, nominators, and fisherman. The most fascinating rol;e is fisherman; which gets to catch the invalid transaction which was published by the validator previously. If the validator’s quorum decides that invalid transaction was made, then the validator is penalized while the fisherman is remunerated. This is designed to encourage the validators only to publish blockchain transactions that are valid. Overall, the development of blockchain is a complicated process, but IQ Direct is familiar with it.