Huawei Develops its Own Operating System instead of Android. What is Known About It?

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Prevented by Google from using the Android operating system, in the United States, the technology giant Huawei poses new challenges.

The android development company, according to relevant publications, is working on its own operating system called HongMeng.

"We prepared our own operating system, this is our plan B. But, of course, we would prefer to work with Google and Microsoft ecosystems",  one of the executive directors of the company, Richard U, told the German newspaper Die Welt in March.

“They [Huawei] already have a system, but they are not ready to [launch it],” said Wong Kam Fai, a professor at the University of Hong Kong, to France Press. now they must speed up."

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According to the source of the publication Huawei Central, specializing in technology news about the corporation, the new system will be called HongMeng OS.

The operating system, which was reportedly started to be developed for mobile in 2012, will be used as a universal on several platforms: smartphones, tablets and computers.

According to the portal, HongMeng will be based on the Linux operating system - the same on which Android is based.

It is likely that instead of using development from scratch, the company will use approaches that guarantee compatibility with most modern Android design patterns.

Huawei Central reports that the Chinese corporation has to solve some problems before launching the HongMeng OS on a commercial basis.

A source close to Huawei who is quoted by the portal is optimistic. "HongMeng is likely to become one of the best and largest developed mobile operating systems in the world," the source said.

Huawei mobile phones (under the same brand and Honor brand) occupy the second place after Samsung in the world in the number of devices sold, and in Russia - the first.

In August last year, Trump signed a decree that banned US government agencies from using equipment manufactured by Huawei.

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Trump's decree was signed at a time when Washington and Beijing continue negotiations in an attempt to end the trade war between the two countries.

Washington believes that Huawei technology can be used by the Chinese intelligence services. Huawei itself denies all charges about developing apps which infringe privacy.

Earlier, the United States said it would impede the use of Huawei equipment when creating new generation 5G networks both in the US and in other countries.

Kerry Allen, China Analyst, BBC

China is increasingly in favor of its own independence and seeks to show that the country is already so developed that it may not depend on the United States.

In recent months, Chinese media have emphasized that the rapid development of China, its new products and technologies have become a source of pride.

Huawei, which makes products that are increasingly recognized abroad as viable competitors to Apple or Samsung, is a real success - especially given the widespread adoption of 5G technology.

However, the tone of the official media became aggressive after the PRC Chairman Xi Jinping warned that the trade war could take a new turn. Many quoted the official statement of the Ministry of Commerce that "China will have to take the necessary countermeasures" and that the country will not retreat in the face of further tariff increases.

The official China International Radio has added to these statements that China "is not afraid of a last-minute collision with the United States."

Newspapers that cover international politics write about US provocative actions. Large-scale daily newspapers, Global Times and Reference News, are increasingly publishing articles criticizing the deployment of American bombers in the Middle East.

Social network users view US moves toward Huawei and other Chinese technology development companies as usual arrogance and call for a boycott of American products.

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