RFID - Logistics and warehouse

Identification of containers and other group cargoes is relevant for their dispatch during transportation. RFID allows you to greatly simplify and automate the process of cargo management. The requirements for cargo identification systems are numerous. This is a significant (up to several meters) reading range of identifiers, providing anticollision (reading several tags at the same time), and the work of tags on metal surfaces. In addition, from the point of view of the organization of the technological process, it is advisable to use tags with the possibility of rewriting information so that certain states of the process can be quickly displayed in the cargo ID. To solve this problem, it is advisable to use passive systems in the range of 800-900 MHz with special design labels. For cargo handling, stationary readers with a range of up to 4 ... 5 meters can be used, as well as hand-held scanners, for example, based on a PDA. Such readers have a read range of up to 30 ... 50 centimeters, and if they are connected to the network (for example, using wireless technologies like Wi-Fi), they ensure the “online” operation of the system as a whole.