Counterfeit protection

It is no secret that any expensive and mass production causes a huge temptation to fake in order to obtain super-profits from the sale of such counterfeit products. For example, you can take the issue of alcoholic beverages. Placing labels on each product during production at the factory allows not only to protect the manufactured goods, but also to trace the product’s path to the final consumer. Putting a label on each product during the reception of goods, for example, in a wholesale store, allows you to verify the authenticity of the information indicated on the product box (date, place of manufacture, etc.). The data from the tags gets to the reader, which in turn sends them to a computer on which special software is installed. The obtained information is analyzed and compared with the data available in the database. When using contactless tags, this process does not take much time, since the reader receives information from several tags at once (provided that the system provides the anti-collision mechanism). If in the process of reading tags there is a discrepancy in the data, then it will not be difficult to find this product when using a scanner that reads up to several dozen marks at a time in tens of centimeters. Physical removal of the label from the product leads to its further unsuitability, therefore, the labeling of the label from one bottle to another is impossible.