Automatic vehicle identification system

The automatic identification system (ASI) of transport is organized on the basis of radio frequency contactless RFID tags.

The system is designed for automatic or automated vehicle identification when driving through a control point.

The system solves the following tasks:
Identification of transport in motion over long distances (from 2 to 30m).
Fully automatic registration of transport (without human participation in the identification process).
Simultaneous identification of several objects in the transport stream.

The structure of the system of automatic accounting of transport
The system includes:
Radio frequency contactless tags in the required quantity.
Reader with antennas to identify tags.
The controller for controlling actuators: barriers, gate locks, etc.
Basic software.
 Description of the automatic identification system
Vehicles are equipped with radio frequency tags with individual codes.
At the test point (PPC), a reader with remote antennas is installed in the entry and exit directions, which identifies the tags.
The information received by the reader through the actuator control controller enters the personal computer (PC).
The PC automatically identifies the vehicle and records travel time. According to this data, various reports are generated.