Accounting and protection against theft of books

The problem of accounting books in libraries and repositories, and protecting them from theft is very relevant. Some specimens can be of very high value, and therefore are of increased interest not only among ordinary readers.
Using RFID technology can solve these problems. To do this, you must provide each edition with a label with a unique number. Labels can be made in any form and be attached in such a way that physical removal will be impossible. In this case, the appearance of the book will not suffer.
A label can contain a large amount of various information, for example, storage conditions, circulation and many other useful information. Installing radio frequency tags will allow you to keep records in the repositories, where there is a large number of books. This process, in contrast to working with bar codes, is not so laborious, since an RF scanner connected to a PC simultaneously reads several dozen marks at a distance of about one meter. Thus, the problem of thefts from libraries is solved. A radio frequency reader is installed near the exit from the reading room, and if you carry a book with a tag past it, information about the attempt to carry it out will go to a guard post or a librarian.