This driver filters all network driver at the lowest level (before the data is transferred to the network card). The driver monitors all kind of network protocols possible - Ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP. Thought, it is possible to implement custom router, firewall, sniffer, anti-virus or whatever solution needed. The driver is written using Windows Driver Development kit and NDIS technology. Installs as Network Miniport driver. Has an API for external access using DLL.


We can build any kind of kernel-mode and user-mode solutions that involve Windows drivers. We can build both for 32 bit and 64 bit platforms and sign the drivers using digital signature.


ndis driver code 1

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The aim of the driver is to allow customer user-mode software to access hardware resources used by system LPT (parallel) port. The overall software system is used in video processing field. The customer set tough requirements on driver speed and good hardware support. We have completed all the initally set tasks and provided additional hardware testing.


We can write kernel-mode windows driver of any complexity for you. This can be either real hardware driver or fully software driver for debugging or testing.


driver code 1

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Friendly Seats is a software, that allows up to 8 users to work simultaneously and independently from each other on a single PC. New workstations are organized by connecting additional monitors, keyboards and mice to one base unit. By using Friendly Seats you will reduce the electricity consumption, noise, space on the desktop, save on maintenance. And, what is the most important, you can significantly save your money!

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NetAdmin internet cafe management software is designed to help the managers and administrators of computer public game and internet cafes.


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