ChannelAdvisor Integration

ChannelAdvisor Integration

Our company has developed an automated system of processing ChannelAdvisor warehouse stock database. As a product database and an intermediary for integration with online sites, the ChannelAdvisor platform was used.

The successful integration solution using ChannelAdvisor API is:

  • Checking and reporting redundant ChannelAdvisor duplicates
  • Processing all items in ChannelAdvisor database and change items attributes based on specified criteria
  • Populating ChannelAdvisor database with items created by predefined template
  • Batch processing of inventory lists and sycnhronizing with CA database
  • Implementing both web-interface for softwares and background schedulres
  • Overcoming CA API limitations

Such and similar automation tasks are successfully solved by our company, we do have experience in solving them. We can not only bring you one of the pre-made solutions that we have, but also to tell you what solutions will work for you and make a unique advanced turnkey solution that is aimed specifically at resolving your problems.

Tags: Web Apps

Artem MorozHead of Department