Change the Remote Desktop Connection port on Windows Server

This manual apply to Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003


The latest attacks of ransomware viruses exploit poorly protected Remote Desktop access to connect to Windows servers, then crack weak passwords and encrypt sensitive data. Hundreds of hackers continously scan the Internet to find poorly protected servers. Once you install Windows Server, it gets to the scope of hackers rather quickly - in a couple of weeks of so.


Of course, the first countermeasure to avoid accidental hacker attack is to use secure password. Never use simple or easily guessed passwords, use at least 20 character passwords with different letter casing, numbers, special symbols.


One additional countermeasure to fight automated hacker attacks is to move RDP port from default 3389 to different number, which is known only to you. This will get your server off automated port scann alorithms used by hackers and viruses. 


As we said before, default Windows servers' Remote Desktop is listening on TCP port 3389. You can change the port to different number in range 1024-65535. 

Do not use lower port number since it is reserved by system. 


IMPORTANT: Make sure that remote access to your server through the new port is authorized in your Windows firewall before executing the next steps. 

How to get the current executable's path in C#

Sometimes you may want to get the current executable (i.e. the executable your program is currently running in) path, This is needed to access some settings file, database file or resources file residing in the same directory as executable. 

There are several options to find the current executable path. But I found the one working both for console applications and for Windows Forms Applications:

How to download entire web site via FTP recursively using wget

Sometimes you need to download an enire website via FTP to your harddrive. This is needed if you want to make a backup or to move your site from one hosting provider to another. Of course you could use some GUI client like FileZilla, Midnight Commander or Gnome Commander. But what if you want to wrap the download process into shell script or maybe conduct the download as backgroud task to download one server's contents from another?

How to unzip file on Ubuntu Linux

When downloading files from Internet you will often get an archive. The purpose of archive among many is to reduce download size, reduce number of files being downloaded to just one, provide basic integrity check on the subject files and sometimes provide additional security with the use of passwords. There are many archive types most commonly used of them are .zip, .rar. .7z, .tar.gz. Today we are going to speak about .zip archives. On Windows there exist GUI archivers like WinRAR or WinZip which are able to deal with most of the common archive types.

But what can you do whent you just downloaded zip file on Ubuntu Linux and have just a console? This can happen when you have installed Ubuntu Server or working from a Terminal Program.

Tips on starting online business In California

A State of California has fast growing online business market. If you are interested on starting an online e-commerce business in California, you may wish to consider a few things that you may need to review from a practical and legal perspective.


Vibrant Market

Do you want to know whether e-commerce is a good niche to drive business? Absolutely. The whole world is constantly converting to buying goods and services online. Lately we used to spend hours of browsing in bookstores. Now many people buy e-books online and haven’t been to a bookstore for many years! Since it is so easy to place order online, the future for online ecommerce sites seems to be brilliant.

But the described supposingly bright future of e-commerce doesn’t mean you can just start with simple site selling anything. Let's admit it, not everything is successfully selling online. As you would do traditional way, it's worth to take the time to develop a business plan.

Ecommerce market share in the United Kingdom worth €153 billion

Ecommerce in the United Kingdom worth 153 billion euros or 133 billion pounds during year 2016. This means that there was 16 percent growth of the industry compared to previous, 2015 year. For comparison, when consumers spent 132 billion euros online with English retailers. This growth was partly due to an increased popularity of mobile mcommerce.


Ecommerce growth 2016

Hire an Employee or Contractor?

Independent contractors and employees are not the same. It's important to well understand the difference for successfully operating your business. From the legal perspective it is important to understand the difference to to avoid distasteful legal caveats.

How Employees and Independent Contractors differ?

An Employee:

  • Performs duties given by business owner 
  • Is given work to be done
  • Works solely for single employer
  • Does not have it's own working place and working tools

An Independent Contractor:

  • May bear risks as operates under agreement
  • Works under own business name
  • Controls own employees
  • Has US-based business checking account
  • Invoices for work completed
  • Has portfolio with more than one customer
  • Has own working too  
  • Keeps it's business records

Many successfull businesses rely on independent contractors for their hiring needs. There are many benefits to using contractors over hiring employees:

  • Savings in labor costs
  • Reduced business owner's liability
  • Flexibility in hiring and firing
  • Shifting the risks to contractors

Source: US Small Business Admistration

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