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NetAdmin internet cafe management software is designed to help the managers and administrators of computer public game and internet cafes.


How usually passes a working day of such managers? There comes the client, pays money, we shall say for 1 hour to sit in the Internet. Admin writes down on a paper: "Guy paid X money for Y hours". Then there come 5 persons, and want to play. All pay for 40 minutes of games. Admin again writes all down on a paper. Then 2 persons, decided to sit more, yield some more money for half an hour. Then 6 players come, and pay either for 1 or 1.5 hours. Admin writes down everything. But when it is time to raise them? Admin looks at the watch and starts to compare the time with his records. It is very tiresome even if there are less then 10 computers!

In this case there the profit is often lost. Let's imagine, the person sat to play for an hour. Of course, admin can not look at his records each second to know whom to raise. For example, admin got than that it is time to raise the person only after 5 minutes passed from the finished time. To lose 5 minutes even on 10 computers during one day is rather essential money. But why do you need to give the money to the first comer? One more example. The person overplayed 5 minutes, intend to pay more, but says "Wait. I shall pay for an hour just now...". So he delays the time. After half an hour, when he pay, admin looks at clock and starts to count time from the moment of payment.

But why? To count must be started from the end of the previous interval of payment. And for this it is necessary to look through the records. Besides from the game computers the given package is a shell that distinguishes it advantageously from other programs of similar value. For example, for person whose time was up, the cyber cafe software Network Shell will simply not allow continuing his work. Other of a similar kind of 'residents' seen by me, are so 'simple', that they can be easily removed by any child. Nobody can gain access to the computer, when it is blocked. Nobody can do much harm to the computer (to erase important files, to hack in the registry, to adjust the drivers (except admins, of course)). More detail - read further. This given internet cafe billing software product is designed to lighten the life and solve all these (and many other) offensive problems of activity of an Internet-cafe.


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Main features of the Netadmin internet cafe timer software:

  • Up to 100 controlled computers are supported
  • All computers are controlled from the "main" computer, the administrator’s workplace When the paid time elapses, a window pops on a screen of the client, which cannot be removed, the keyboard and mouse are also locked
  • The program will correctly work upon restart (for example, at enforced reboot in case of malfunction, or missing power)
  • You can set unlimited quantity of services for work, such as: games, Internet, Office, and so on Built-in proxy-server allows setting tax to client not only by established time, but also by Internet-traffic.
  • Some clients don’t know how much time they will spend in your club. Using mode “Afterpayment” you can set them a bill after finishing work on computer.
  • The time is entered within four ways: 1) Manually in minutes 2) With the scrollbar- till 10 hours 3) Frequently used values 4) Depending on money the client has 5) Fast afterpay from contextual menu
  • Every administrator has his own password. If you have many administrators in your club, you can review what each of them earned per shift.
  • Considering the discount for steady clients
  • Penalizing of the guilty clients
  • Transplanting clients from one computer to another
  • Opportunity of exchanging two clients on computers "Night" mode, when pay for all "night", also with discount
  • The capability of reserving computer for night, that is client comes in the afternoon, takes his computer and pays money. In the night proper computer is unlocked and client plays till morning. Besides, clients can come at night, and to play on how much they will pay
  • Mark of computers as non-working
  • Makes the report, on which it is possible to find out, how much profits had a computer club brought for definite period. The report can be generated for the specified time with the specified filters (journal, by computers, by administrators), counting receipts. A report can be forwarded both on a screen, and on the printer Saving the report in HTML format and its autosending to chief e-mail to control dishonest administrators site .
  • There are additional capabilities on controlling the internet cafe computers: display the messages from admin, turnoff, reboot, start of the programs, and review of active processes on client computers
  • Large, friendly-looking watch (monitoring, if someone attempts to demonstrate to the manager, that he still has time, since he orients on own kerosene watch)
  • Friendly clients shell, which has such advantages: a) Allows to start only those programs, which are allowed (for example, it is not necessary to provide players to gain access to the Internet programs, or to office applications since from them very user can go in explorer, and to do everything) b) The shell is operated far off (from the computer of the manager thus, it does not demand of the manager of any operating concerning set-up or start of games) c) Some users (read - the kids), are not capable to work in super complicated Windows system. Friendly, not-crowded interface will allow even beginner to start the game not being too smart. d) You can place the sign of your club in the program, and also screenshots for the programs, that one starting them could have though approximate representation what is he starting Installation of two conditions of locking: the time is up or Internet is up.
  • Own timer, blocking client on absence of connection with a server when time is up (see options)
  • Supports Windows XP, and all Windows 7 versions, including Windows 7 x64, Ultimate, Professional, Home Basic.


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