petri cellThe aim of the device is to control the temparature inside small battery-powered inclubator. The main temperature stabilization is provided via PID (proportional-intefral-differential) control loop function. The use of PID instead of simple relay control provides high level of stability of temerature control.





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Input: AC 100-240V, Output: DC 19v±3% 100W 5.3A, Efficiency: Better than 90%, PCB overall dimensions: 161 x 60,65mm ± 0.15mm. Putting power supply in specified dimensions was tough job, but we did it successfully.

This is the initial model supplied by customer:

Power supply design


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Universal SD Card Data Logger saves date, time and data about air temperature, wood temperature, air humidity, wood moisture, and state of mechanisms to SD card in Excel CSV format.

Universal SD data logger


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Luggage Office Controller that allows user to leave luggage and then pay bills for storage time.


controller pcb 3d 1


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Small device that measures 2 digital temperature probes and 2 analog air humidity probes. Can send data using RS485 to central control station or data logger.


Universal meter