Pan-Tilt-Zoom Web Camera Controls

pan-tilt-zomm (PTZ) Webcamera

Web camera with remote controls allows user not only to view the video through web browser, but also to control the camera position and zooming.

ChannelAdvisor Solutions

ChannelAdvisor Intergration

ChannelAdvisor is an e-commerce management system for online retailers. It allows to manage single database of products and synchronize this database to different on-line marketplaces like eBay, Amazon,,, and many others.

We wrote many integration software solutions using ChannelAdvisor API like:

  • Checking and reporting redundant ChannelAdvisor duplicates
  • Processing all items in ChannelAdvisor database and change items attributes based on specified criteria
  • Populating ChannelAdvisor database with items created by predefined template
  • Batch processing of inventory lists and sycnhronizing with CA database
  • Implementing both web-interface for softwares and background schedulres
  • Overcoming CA API limitations


All background worker apllications were made in C#/.NET. Webinterface done in ASP.NET MVC. Databses stored in Microsoft SQL Server using Entity Framework.